42-300 / 320

Remember the last time you were forced to replace a scrap blade or hub? How much would just one more TBO run from that component benefitted your operation?

APS has saved over 500 major components (blades and hubs) in just the past 2 years which would have otherwise been scrap per CMM requirements. These repairs are exclusive to Hamilton Sundstrand and APS. We are proud to have saved our loyal customers millions of dollars in replacement-unit costs executing these repairs. Just one more of several advantages we boast over our competition!

Problem APS Solution Repair
Corrosion, wear or damage in the fillet radius area of the blade shank (very common). Cut & Cold Roll Repair SK122836

Corrosion on the shank, near or migrating  below the fiberglass of the blade (fairly common)

Fiberglass Cuff Repair SK122816
Corrosion or damage at the blade tip near the lightning tab. (rare) Lightning Tab Repair DER
Corrosion in the dowel hole (fairly common) Dowel pin hole repair SK122876