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Prop U & Technical Support

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We pride ourselves on our high standards and unrivaled knowledge base. Members of our shop Team have in excess of 300 years combined experience. With this knowledge comes great value. Our comprehensive training package teaches Customers and their maintenance staff best practices when dealing with major components. From correct installation procedures to corrosion prevention, our package adds value and helps lower our Customers’ operating costs.

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We are happy to tailor a training session specific to your needs. Our state of the art, flag ship facility is equipped with a training area, mock propeller assemblies and component cutaways. Your Team will be gaining hands on experience to learn the inner workings of the propeller. Our FAA certified Inspectors explain what we do and why we do it. The valuable information has been proven to reduce removals, prevent scrap, and extend the useful life of their propellers. For most turboprop operators, one extra overhaul of a propeller assembly equates to tens of thousands in savings.

If you wish to attend a training session or learn more about what APS can offer please call or emailtoday. Our Sales & Technical Staff will be happy to help.

APS provides our customers with access to our technical experts on demand. We are proud of our deep expertise and stand ready to assist. Additionally, our staff is deployable, worldwide, to assist you with:

  • On wing / off wing maintenance

  • Technical consulting

  • Maintenance technician training

  • Propeller logistics support

  • AOG rectification

Contact APS today to learn more! +1 847-541-1133