Specialized Capabilities

Our extensive list of specialized repairs are something that we rely heavily on. As our tagline says “THE ONE STOP SHOP FOR YOUR PROP”. From our new 568 compression wrap capabilities to hub sleeve repairs, we have what it takes to get your components fit for flight. Many of our solutions are OEM Proprietary and are available to us through a license agreement with UTC Aerospace Systems. Proprietary repairs and inspections are aimed at providing you with safe, approved solutions that are above and beyond the CMM requirements.

  • Compression Wrap

    • As part of our growing relationship with UTC Aerospace Systems, APS has recently announced the inclusion of the compression wrap capability for 568F blades to our ops specs. We are now one of only two places in the world authorized to perform this repair.

    • This phenomenal capability and licensing arrangement not only reduces our turn around time on blade overhauls but ultimately saves you any unnecessary expenses.

    • Without some of our proprietary repairs your components have the likelihood of being declared scrap. APS is proud to say that we have saved our Customers’ components through the following repairs:

  • Blades:

    • +E2 repair for Embraer blades

    • Shot peening

    • Cut & Cold roll

    • SAAB & CASA conversions

    • Lightning tab repair

  • Hubs

    • Sleeve repairs

    • SF & RF Dowel pin hole repairs

    • 247 & 568 Hub Bore repairs

    • 14RF Hub Mounting Surface

    • Hub torque plate re-plating (CAD)

    • 568F Counterweight & Dowel Pin Hole repairs

  • Other

    • SAAB Yoke modification for Actuators

    • 247 & 568 Bulkhead Mounting Hole repair

    • Plating & Anodizing

If you have any questions regarding the repairs mentioned above please do not hesitate to call our Sales Team to see how we can best help you. Our Technical Staff are also on standby waiting to answer and questions or concerns.